I am calling you from Microsoft UK, You have problem on your computer

This was the third call for a person claiming that he was working for Microsoft

The first one tried to convince me to start Teamviewer, so he could get access to my desktop. Since I use Teamviewer on a regular basis I am aware that you only should grant access to parties that I tust, so I declined his offer

The second called me yesterday and I used the strategy of  link2 Counterscript  to test his patience. The conversation was ended by the Pakistany with the threat to kill my because I insulted him. I did not expect this outcome, even tough it was nice to see how well the Counterscript can work

Today a third one called me today and I was prepared to record the conversation which ended with the threat to kill me by a bomb on Sunday

Here is the recording of the technical session




Technical background: He wanted me to type eventvwr in the run box. By the sound of it he wanted to gain access and run Remote Desktop locking myself out and him having complete access to all my files forcing me to pay for his services to unlock myself from my own computer.


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